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Terry P:  Yesterday you wrote quite negatively about Jose Reyes.  What do you suddenly have against him?  He’s a rare talent, and should never be traded.

Matthew Cerrone:  I have nothing against Reyes, but I do have questions about his game – and I’m not sure why that’s a bad thing. 

Personally, I think the Mets would be crazy to trade Reyes, and I hope they’re not considering it, because a) he has yet to realize his full potential, and b) he has less value today, since he’s missed most of this season with an injury. 

To be honest, the bitter tone in my post from yesterday, here, was probably the result of me being frustrated with this overall season, while missing Jose’s energy and attitude on the field… frankly, the Mets don’t feel the same and are far less entertaining without him.

That said, I do have questions about his game.  I feel pretty confident about how David Wright will perform next season, despite his drop-off in power this year, but I find I still wonder about Jose.

For instance, I know Jose is fast, but I still have questions about his plate discipline and his decisions on the base paths.  I know he has a tremendous arm, but he seems to be regressing with his glove.  I love his on-field energy, but I wonder about his focus.

Remember, even in 2006, which I feel was his best season to date, he was only hitting .250 in early June. 

Here’s the thing, Jose’s current level of play and stats are fine… but, I can’t help but imagine him one day taking over like Rickey Henderson, which I realize may be unfair because Rickey is one of the greatest players of all time.  Nevertheless, I still wish for that level of dominance from Reyes.

In other words, while I am comfortable with what Wright has become, I expect more of Reyes, because I believe he’s capable of so much more than Wright, and I wonder if or when he’ll rise to and stay at that next level.

Jim W: This perception of Reyes drives me crazy – he is already great… This mystical ‘other level,’ Reyes has already reached it… It is an unrealistic standard… even a fantasy.

Matthew Cerrone: It's a fair point.  For instance, he's always the top ranked SS in Fantasy Baseball, yet I don't feel he's worthy of it.  Of course, I drafted him first in my league.  So, what does that say? 

Actually, I think it says I have unrealistic expectations.

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