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Last Friday, former-Braves GM and current team president John Schuerholz appeared as a guest on Colin Cowherd's ESPN radio show.

Schuerholz, on super-agent Scott Boras, and his suggestion that Alex Rodriguez could be worth $30 million per season, while speaking to Cowherd…

“I think it's obnoxious…for someone to suggest that this is a valid salary level for a professional athlete, no matter what kind of voodoo economics they can do in analyzing the books of MLB, it's absolutely asinine…

“When he presented us with that kind of offer with Andruw Jones, we found it so ridiculous and obnoxious we didn't even respond.  It didn't even rise to the level of requiring a response.  It's just idiotic.”

well, i guess it’s safe to say that a-rod will not be playing for the Braves any time soon

For other highlights in written form, check out Neil Best’s outstanding blog for Newsday.

Meanwhile, at his blog for the Daily News, Adam Rubin provides a very, very candid, 250–word quote by former-Mets GM and current ESPN personality Steve Phillips on how ‘negotiations’ with Rodriguez went handled with the Mets seven years ago under his watch. 

Phillips tells Rubin of Boras’s demands back in 2000 for Rodriguez, which included, among other things, opt outs after three, five and seven years and meetings with ownership to discuss scouting reports of the team’s minor-league talent.

Phillips, among other interesting comments, as quoted by Rubin…

“He gave me this book they had put together for everybody.  He went through his rundown…He said, ‘All these things have to be part of the deal or there's not a deal.’…I just wrote everything down and digested it all and told ownership about it…they said, ‘Okay, just tell them were out.’ We told him we were out…It wasn't any sort of a setup that the Mets had interest in before…I will say this, and I think Fred Wilpon has said this: There's no way the Mets would pay $25 million a year at the time…The dollars were never negotiated.  It's structure was beyond what was appropriate at the time.”

…you have to go to adam’s blog and read the full quote…it’s amazing what boras had been asking for…the thing is, in hindsight, it appears he didn’t get half of what he was looking for…the thing is, even the half that he did get would probably have still been unacceptable to the Mets, which can only make me think he is unacceptable to the Mets today, as well

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