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Willie Randolph, while speaking with WFAN yesterday for the final time this season, when asked about his relationship with Jose Reyes

“I love the kid, and I think we have a much better understanding of each other.  I’m trying to teach these young kids how to win.  David Wright, Jose Reyes, Gomez…at times, my young players make young mistakes…These kids are just trying to learn how to play the game.  Jose is an unbelievably talented kid, but he’s gonna make mistakes and he needs to mature at times.  That’s all part of growing up.

“I’ve been tough at times with Jose, but we’ve had private conversations and we’re on the same page and he’s trying to adjust to what I want him to do.  He just went in to a spin at the wrong time, guys…he just could not stop the bleeding…It was a hard, hard lesson for a young kid, but I think he’s gonna be better for it, I know he is, because he’s too talented.

“Jose and I are great.  He’s like a son to me.  I love the kid.  It’s like a father-son situation.  Every once in a while he’s gonna get a little pissed off at me for getting on his case, but he knows I’m coming from the right place.  I just want him to the best player.

“I told him when I saw him, I told he and David, ‘if you have thin skin, son, you’re not gonna be able to play for me, okay. Everything I say to you is always constructive, okay.  Listen to me and I’m gonna try to make you the best you can be,’ and, believe me, that’s from my heart.”

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