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"Sandy Alderson should take the time of offer an apology... He should say he's sorry for allowing the monstrous steroid culture to grow fangs on his watch... Alderson declined to comment Wednesday about the A's and their role in a grand pharmacological hoax, but the Mets' GM-to-be is on record saying he suspected Canseco, not McGwire, as a steroid user back in the day... Alderson is likely to preach accountability with the sad sack Mets, and that's fine.  He would make that pitch credible if he started with himself, and took a few minutes on introduction to apologize for an opportunity lost."

~ Ian O'Conner, ESPN New York

The time for apologies was about five years ago.  Today, I expect no more of an apology from Alderson than I expect from the players, the Union, all 30 owners, the reporters, the fans, and any one else who enabled, funded or supported this behavior.  It happened.  We all know it happened, we all played a role to some extent, nobody stopped watching, or writing, or paying, or tuning in.  So, to sit here today and act all high and mighty about it, demanding inactionable apologies that will take nothing back, only serves to dredge up the past for the sake of dredging up the past.

Yes, I suppose it's possible that I'm sticking my head in the sand, for fear that Alderson's first press conference could turn in to yet another Mets controversy, because I thought we'd finally all be moving beyond that.  Nevertheless, today, the game is working to police itself; parents are more aware of the problem and now know how to address their kids; and the game is returning to a more true performance.  Yes, I'm embarrassed about what happened in the 90s, but I'm thrilled things are changing for the better.  And so, today, I am far more interested in looking forward, grabbing a beer, watching the Mets and talking to my dad about the game, than I am in hearing apologies and revisiting the past.

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