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Speaking of the trade deadline…

In 2004, on the trade deadline, Mets GM Jim Duquette traded a 20–year-old LHP Scott Kazmir to the Rays for Victor Zambrano, who had gone 21-17 in the previous two seasons.

Kazmir had been 25–17 with a 3.49 ERA in 358 innings, during which he struck out 405 batters.

However, this season, in which he has spent time on the disabled list, he is just 4–6 with a 6.69 ERA, and just 58 strike outs.

and, of course, zambrano was last seen hopping in pain off the mound in Shea Stadium, in what has got to be the most bizarre exit from a team ever

This afternoon on MLB Network, Duquette was asked why he made this deal, to which he responded:

“I’m still answering questions about the Kazmir trade.  It was six years ago… Kazmir, here’s a guy that what we talked about in the evaluation he turned out exactly like we thought; his stuff, his makeup, his desire, all the things that Kazmir turned out to be we had right… What we didn’t have right was the guy we got back, Victor Zambrano.  In that, when you’re sitting in the GM chair, and you’re going, ‘What were we looking at, what were our scouts looking at.’  It ended up, he was broken.”

like i said the other day, the buzz around kazmir is that his elbow may be a ticking time-bomb, and that he may not put in the effort to raise himself from this level pitcher to the next level… i guess what duquette is saying is that, it is these concerns that were of concern to the Mets… and so, today, duquette is comfortable with how they evaluated him… in addition, though he is confused by recommendations made to him about zambrano, he believes zambrano was damaged goods when they got it

The 25–year-old Kazmir will earn $20 million through 2011, after which he could become a free agent.

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