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Johan Santana had two RBI and made a sensational catch against the Cardinals last night – he also allowed five runs on nine hits through eight innings, though he left with a two-run lead.

However, the Cardinals tied the game against Francisco Rodriguez, eventually winning in extra innings..

santana did not have his best stuff, but he fought and stuck it out, with a lead, that he handed off to rodriguez, all while giving eight innings to get the bullpen rest

Following the game, Santana said:

“When I left the game, I felt I did my job.  It's one of those crazy seasons, but we just got to keep our heads up… It's not the first time I've been through something like this… These things happen.  I still gotta be positive about the things this team is capable of doing.”

santana is hard on his team, including in his post-game remarks to reporters… some fans do not like this, they see it as disrespectful to his teammates… i’m not one of them… i love it… he should show no mercy… he’s a perfectionist, and maybe the best pitcher in baseball… he works hard, he busts his ass out there at every moment, and he expects his teammates to do the same… if there is a player on the team who is intimidated by this, or who takes offense, he should go play for the Pirates… i want the player who hears johan, nods his head, stands up and is motivated, not the guy whose ego is too fragile to take the truth

Prior to yesterday’s game, Jerry Manuel was asked if the Mets are wasting Santana’s prime with such poor play, to which he said:

“Well, hopefully his prime lasts a lot longer than one or two years… Before he leaves his prime, he'll pitch here in the post-season.”

In a column for Newsday, Wallace Matthews wonders what would have happened had Santana stayed with the Twins.

In case you missed it…

To watch SNY.TV’s Post Game Extra, featuring clips from the game; quotes from Jerry Manuel and analysis from Ron, Keith and Gary, see the video player in the sidebar of

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