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Yesterday, at the team’s Teammates in the Community charity event, Mets GM Omar Minaya told reporters:

“To me, .500 is not acceptable because we're better than that.  It's not so much about the financial investment, it's about what this team is about.  We know we're better, we think we're going to do better and I think we will.”

the thing is, you can’t just run around saying things are unacceptable unless you’re willing to hold people accountable for their actions…otherwise, it is acceptable

Minaya also told reporters that he is satisfied with the effort being put forth by his manager and players, which he feels is a playoff-caliber roster.

According to Adam Rubin in the Daily News, “You are watching the painfully slow demise of The New Mets, the vision Omar Minaya articulated four years ago but built as a house of cards.”

Rubin looks back at the job done by Minaya, adding, “The dependence on free agency coupled with the lack of a farm system also raises the question: Has Minaya failed to recognize a seismic shift in the MLB landscape?”

…i raised that exact question two weeks ago, here, in which i wrote:

“And so, while people want to get on Randolph’s case, and understandably so, Omar Minaya should also be held accountable for the way this roster was put together and his potential lack of foresight regarding issues with age, attitude and energy…The thing is, and what worries me, is that the old market – in which Minaya worked so well – is now changing, and being run by a younger, different-thinking generation…I hope Minaya is able to adapt…

“As I said a few weeks ago, I sense that the Mets are at a crossroads.  Minaya did outstanding work, and did what was necessary to get from Howe to here.  However, I have a feeling that more work will need to be done to get from here to a World Series ring – let alone remain over .500.”

According to Bob Klapisch, in a report for the Bergen Record, “Minaya promises to ‘look deep and hard’ at the culture of mediocrity that’s dropped the Mets 7½ games out of first place.”

…culture of mediocrity…well, if that’s not an effective talking point, i’m not sure what it is…well done…  

Klapisch quotes a Mets official as saying, “This can’t go on.”

i bet most of the team’s fans will agree…which is probably what the team official is really saying, whether he realizes it or not

For more on Minaya and the state of the Mets, check out stories in the Bergen Record, Newsday, the New York Post, Star-Ledger and the Daily News.

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