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Mets GM Omar Minaya talked to reporters today from Citi Field, to answer questions about today’s non-waiver trade deadline.

According to Minaya, he and his staff were working on potential trades up until 4 pm, but, as he said, ‘We were just not able to get it done… We had some opportunities to do some things, but, in the end, I felt that what teams were asking for we couldn’t find a match.”

Minaya said one issue he had was knowing certain players would soon return from the disabled list, saying, “What are you gonna get for that player, and then what happens when the player comes back.”

Minaya was asked specifically about players who were traded, like Victor Martinez, who would likely have interested the Mets, to which he said:

“The cost would have probably been too high… You have to take in to account where you are in the standings, and you have to take in to account the prospects you have… One thing that has been good about this process has been that I got a good feel for a lot of the teams and how much they like our prospects.  But, some of those prospects that some teams wanted were too high to give them, and we have some pretty good young prospects… Unless it is someone we were going to hold on to beyond one year, we’re gonna hold on to as many prospects as we can.”

Minaya said he needed to balance out being six games back of the Wild Card, and protecting his farm system, while considering no one player would make up for the number of players he has on the DL.

“There are things that I left on the table that we’ll be able to revisit later,” Minaya said, speaking of players who could be had through the waiver wire in August.

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