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Last night, in a win against the Cubs, Mike Pelfrey let up zero runs, three hits and walked three batters.

He is 3–0 with a 0.86 ERA this season, and he has not allowed a run in his last 19 innings pitched.

Following the game, Pelfrey told reporters he owes Dan Warthen a lot of credit for his split-finger fastball, ‘which is making all the difference in the world, it’s been huge,’ adding:

“I feel like I am a different being able to throw the secondary stuff for strikes… I think it got the point where, in the seventh inning, I didn’t throw any fastballs, I threw all off-speed pitches, and that’s something I would never have done.”

…the thing about it is, the pitching coach-pitcher relationship is not a one-size-fits-all thing… the guy who is good for pelfrey, might not be good for John Maine Rick Peterson might have been good for maine, but not for pelfrey… then there’s the catcher… and just maturing in general… and health… and about a million other things that all must come together… from what i see, pelfrey is just maturing, he’s the right age to turn the corner, he’s growing confident, he has new pitches to add wind in his sails, he’s learning to make adjustments, he’s mentally in a good place, physically fit, and he clearly has a good thing going with blanco

“This game is tough, and he makes it easy,” Pelfrey said about Blanco, who has been his catcher the last two games.  “He frames the ball so well.”

…oh, by the way, since they spent so much ink and radio time goofing on mike’s brain, i’m really looking forward to those Mike Pelfrey is Mentally Strong articles and on-air rants from people in boxes, print and on radio… man, those are gonna be great… 

To listen to all of Pelfrey’s talk with reporters, after the game, click play below:

Mike Pelfrey on April 20

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