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In a Q&A with Joe Brescia in the New York Times, Tom Seaver had the following to say about:

The importance of pitching:

"I’m a huge advocate of pitching. You have to have good pitching as the solid core, the foundation. It keeps you in every game. ... Go back to ’69. We were in every game we played. That raises the level of play of everybody else on the ball club. Because you’re going to win by one run, or two runs. So that makes you hit the cutoff man, move the runner over and do the things that fundamentally make the ball club win. I’m sure that Sandy will be very strong at that."
Getting back into baseball:

"I have no interest. I got very tired of the travel. I like being home with my wife, my three Labrador retrievers and the vineyard. But I have the same kind of stimulation that I had with baseball. I can’t wait to get to the vineyard. I’m usually in the vineyard by 7 o’clock, seven days a week."

For more from Seaver, including his thoughts on Nolan Ryan, pitch counts, a second Wild Card, and his work at his vineyard, check out the New York Times.

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