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According to Wallace Matthews, in a great column for Newsday, Scott Boras is aiming his spin on Alex Rodriguez in the direction of the Mets, citing how his client will do wonders for SNY ratings and attendance at Citi Field.

Boras, among other comments, as quoted by Matthews…

“You can't count Alex against payroll because he pays for himself…This is not a baseball decision, it's a business decision.  The Mets are in a rare situation where they can add a player of Alex's performance and he doesn't cost them a thing.  To me, this is an easy, easy call.”

…i’d like to see boras run a political campaign one day…he is so good at creating a market for his client, and whipping the team’s fans in to a frenzy…i have spent the better part of two days making posts and linking to words about the Mets and a-rod, none of which are based in fact, and all of which are just rumor and innuendo, yet it keeps happening and will continue to happen…this is not an accident…he is great at using media to spin, disseminate and control the message, all while setting the terms of the discussion…frankly, the way this thing is getting started, i would not be shocked to see a-rod in the White House, instead of playing baseball next season…

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