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Yesterday, on 1050 ESPN Radio in New York, former Mets GM Steve Phillips had the following to say about Mets management:

“Tony Bernazard is very close to Jeff Wilpon, and that, in some ways, can be difficult for the GM, when there’s that sort of relationship between an underling and the GM’s boss… The Mets don’t necessarily believe in the chain of command.  They believe, in one of their core values, in what they call a Collegial Organization.  What that means is: people down the ladder can go to people up on the ladder, and people up on the ladder can go down the ladder to any level and have conversations, share thoughts, ideas… It sounds nice, but it’s not functional.  Because, what ends up happening is, it tears apart the fabric of the organization and its structure…

When I was there, I actually said, ‘This can’t work.’  The people below me need to know that I’m their boss… I was perceived to be a control freak about it.  It’s something I think is a nice concept, but it’s not functional or practical in a real business environment.  And, that’s what ends up happening, there is too much free flowing information and access without the chain of command and it’s not a functional system… Every organization is complicated.  I mean, for the longest time the Yankees had dysfunction with the way they were run… There is no perfect company or organization… Fred Wilpon understands the people and understands the structure and system that’s involved there, but I don’t know how much he is really involved anymore with what’s going.”

this coming from the man who is notorious for posing for cameras in the clubhouse any chance he could get, all while driving Bobby Valentine crazy with his constant presence… that said, it doesn’t make him wrong, and it doesn’t mean he isn’t qualified to weigh in on Mets management

To listen to Phillips entire 10 minute interview, click play here:
click here.

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