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Last weekend, when David Wright was put on the disabled list with a concussion, Jerry Manuel said Wright is a ‘different animal than Ryan Church,’ who missed time after suffering two concussions last season.

i guess i’m naive, since i interpreted this to mean each person is different, in terms of medical issues, or, as Lewis Black once put it, ‘We’re all our own unique snowflakes.’… i guess others, including church, interpreted this statement to mean wright is more important and more special than others

Today, with the Braves in town to face the Mets, Church, who was asked by local reporters to respond, said:

“I could read between the lines.  It was kind of a cheap shot, but it is what it is.  I'm not going to get into a pissing contest.  It's not worth it.  I'm here trying to make the playoffs… I just find it funny that they take shots now that I'm not in a Mets uniform.  It's kind of odd… I'll just take the high road.”

…i'm here trying to make the playoffs… zing… nice, churchie

Later, Manuel tried to clarify, saying Church was never clear with the team about what he wanted to do in recovery from the concussions, whereas Wright was very definitive in his desire to return from the disabled list.

In the end, Manuel said, as he always did, ‘I like Ryan Church.’

…whatever… seriously… i mean, i know some fans – and especially reporters - want to turn sports in to a soap opera, and to some extent it is, but, come on… these two guys didn’t get along… so what… it happens… they’re two dudes at a job… seriously, i have lost count of the number of people i have worked with in my life who i disliked… it happens every day… not every relationship is worthy of a reality show… news flash, sometimes, two men will actually not get along… crazy, i know, and in sports of all places…

…yeah, yeah, i know, Mets, bad public relations, etc., i get it… i don’t know, maybe i’m just worn down from a long season of this type of stuff… or, maybe i’ve grown calious to the sideshow, wishing for Meaningful Games in September again… but, frankly, in this case, i just can’t muster the energy to think this really matters… i mean, i’m guessing some coach in Kansas City once said something bad about a guy, too, but since they had like two reporters covering the team, and no talk radio, nobody cared

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