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Yesterday against the Marlins, R.A. Dickey threw a complete game, giving up one run on five hits with 10 strike outs.

In seven starts after the All-Star break, Dickey was 2-1, but with a 5.36 ERA and a .347 BAbip, during which the team was just 3-4.

Nevertheless, he still leads the National League in wins, strike outs and innings pitched...

According to multiple reports, Dickey recently told Terry Collins that he does not want to risk his health by pitching on short rest, all in effort to win a Cy Young award or get to 20 wins.

“We want this guy in the rotation next year,” Collins told reporters before yesterday's game. “If we were in the hunt, it might be really different. But I think we need to be a little more cautious, and make sure he is ready for next year.” Dickey agreed, telling reporters, he would pitch on short rest in a pennant race, to help the team win games, but he is not interested in doing it just to win an award.

That said, if Dickey changes his mind, and wants extra opportunities in September, Collins said he is happy to revisit it.

I thought Dickey going on short was a bad idea to begin with. If he pitches well enough in his remaining scheduled starts, he should win at least 20 games anyway, and should win the Cy Young naturally. Pitching on short rest could have thrown off Dickey’s routine (as well as the routines of the other starters), and risked his health. Also, there's no guarantee it would generate positive results. The team has fallen way out of the playoff race at this point, and so there is no reason to gamble and take risks with Dickey and the rest of the starting pitchers. Besides, throwing off the entire rotation so to get Dickey more opportunities to rack up wins a) taints the race, and b) caters to the individual achievement which is not what a team sport is truly about. This is the right call.

I agree with Mike, and I'm sure most everyone else reading this will agree as well. At this point, he's competing for hardware with Gio Gonzalez, Johnny Cueto, and maybe Braves closer Craig Kimbrel. Sure, Collins could pitch him on short rest and maybe jack up Dickey's win total and strikeouts, but - who knows - that could work against him. There is no guarantee. He's on pace to win 20 anyway, and - in my opinion - leading in the Cy Young race. So, just stay on target and let him do this thing...

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