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Earlier tonight, the Mets traded OF Ryan Church to the Braves for OF Jeff Francoeur and ‘cash considerations.’

…i understand why the deal was made, i am just not sure it matters or makes total sense… though, i like having frenchy’s defense and arm in Citi Field, and, if he gets it together, he has the potential for power that i am not sure church had either way, this was clearly a change-of-scenery deal, and i’m not sure it will have that big of an impact in either direction

Last month, in a report for SNY.TV, Ted Berg wrote, “If the Mets trade for Francoeur, I'm out.  I'll find someone else to write this column.”

Today, in a report, still for SNY.TV, Berg reviews the deal, and writes:

“I'm here, so I haven't quit quite yet, but some small part of me hopes someone holds me to that statement… I was mostly kidding because I didn't think the Mets would do something like that; I didn't think the front office could be so silly as to think Jeff Francoeur might be the answer to any single one of their questions… Egg on my face.”

In a post to his blog for Newsday, Ken Davidoff says, among other things, “What does it say about how little regard the two teams held for these two players, that they were willing to make this trade even though the Mets and Braves are both historic rivals and current rivals?  Neither club apparently feared the ramifications of this deal enough to squash it.  Both clubs were that desperate.”

According to Ed Price of AOL Fanhouse, “One scout who specializes in the National League called it a win for the Braves, noting that Atlanta seemed unlikely to tender Francoeur a contract after the season, effectively releasing him.”

The scout labeled Francouer ‘a project,’ Price says.

Jim Bowden, on the other hand, said he gives the edge to the Mets.

In a post to Mets Geek, Alex Nelson writes, “I suppose Francoeur does have more upside than Church… But at this point, 2600-plus plate appearances into his career, I just don’t see him ever meeting that ceiling, or coming very close.”

Lastly, at his blog for, Rob Neyer asks, “The Braves got a decent hitter and fielder who bats left-handed… The Mets got… what, exactly?  If you figure it out, drop a line to Jerry Manuel. He's going to need all the help he can get with this one.”

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