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Yesterday, WFAN reported the Mets and Jason Bay agreed to a four-year contract.

…i like it… i don’t love it… i mean, i don’t think the Mets will regret signing him at any point during the next four years… i just think the Mets could have done more for their money, in terms of what this team specifically needs… also, if the goal is to build a team around pitching, speed and defense, i fail to see how bay solves any of these issues… that said, he will prop up the middle of their batting order, and i’m happy about that

The deal will be worth roughly $16.5 million per season for four years; with an easily-attainable, $14 million vesting option for 2015, according to Jerry Crasnick of

from what i can gather, the deal will be backloaded, and something like $10 million in the first year, and roughly $42 million in the final two seasonsalso, i believe the vesting option will be based on bay averaging something like 140 games played each of the first four years of the deal

According to FanGraphs, based on the Time Value of Money, that would make the deal essentially worth $61 million by the time the contract expires.

The Red Sox will receive the Mets second-round pick as compensation for Bay signing in New York.

Bay’s former teammate, Red Sox 1B Kevin Youklis, had the following to say about him, according to the Boston Globe:

“It’s definitely going to be tough for all of us… Jason was a close friend.  A joy to play with him.  Great ballplayer… I wish him the best in New York.  Hopefully we get to see him in the World Series.’’

Ed Ryan from Mets Fever says, “Nice job, Omar.”

According to John, from Metstradamus, “This is a good move. In a vacuum, it's a great move.”

On the other hand, while Mets Grrl likes Bay, she explains why her reaction was just, ‘ehhh.’

Mike Silva of NY Baseball Digest explains, “When it’s all said and done, the Mets needed Bay.”

To read how the Bay signing might impact the team’s farm system, check out Toby Hyde’s recent post for Mets Minor League Blog.

Meanwhile, Jack Moore of FanGraphs believes the Mets overpaid to get Bay, even though, he admits, “This deal definitely improves the Mets offense for 2010.”

In terms of his defense, Keith Law of believes Bay’s defensive numbers might have been skewed by playing in front of the Green Monster in Fenway Park.

Brian Costa of the Star-Ledger details the Pros and Cons to signing Bay, such as, “Bay's health and production could deteriorate with age, making him an albatross.”

Greg Prince of Faith and Fear in Flushing is happy to have Bay, but says, “Mind you, I’m not overwhelmed by his presence.  He’s not a franchise player, but he’s performed at a high level for quite a while now and he’s not in his early forties.”

In a post to Amazin Avenue, Dan Lewis asks if Bay will be the team’s best-hitting left fielder ever; also at Amazin Avenue, Sam Page explains why Bay is a ‘heck of a consolation prize.’

Jeff Passan of Yahoo! believes the Mets should have spent this money on John Lackey.

That said, Adam, the Brooklyn Met Fan, still feels Bay was a better choice than Matt Holliday.

Lastly, Andrew and his readers at the Ropolitans are trying to find Bay a nickname.

i prefer BayRut, or at least using that as a nickname for left field in Citi Field, as it is a play on Peter Gammons comment last weekend when he said bay would rather play in Beirut than Queens…

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