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In a column for the New York Post, Kevin Kernan explains why the Mets should hire A’s GM Billy Beane.

By the way, Will Leitch wrote a similar column for New York Magazine last week, writing, “Beane has nowhere to go with Oakland.  Hmmm… Who needs a GM?”

In his column, Kernan writes, “A's owner Lew Wolff has complete faith in Beane, and Beane might not want to leave, but the Wilpons need to make that call to find out exactly what's going on with him.”

hey, as long as they’re making phone calls, why don’t the Wilpons also find out what’s going on with Albert Pujols, Tim Lincecum and Joe Maddon

…anyway… back here in reality, people connected to beane have long said he is unlikely to take a job with the Mets, because he needs to know he has real, authentic, full autonomy, which he has in Oakland, and is not likely to have with the Mets… that said, the buzz in toronto has been Blue Jays GM JP Ricciardi could be out of a job sooner than later…

…jp grew up in the Boston area, and played baseball in the Mets minor league system, like beane… he’s a talent evaluator, who ran the A’s farm system under beane, where he drafted and produced players like Miguel Tejada, Eric Chavez, Tim Hudson, Mark Mulder, Barry Zito and Rich Harden, before becoming GM of the Blue Jays

…if the Mets decide to let Omar Minaya go, from what i understand, they’ll be most inclined to make current assistant GM John Ricco the new General Manager, but pair him up with a strong, heavy-weight talent person, like a Gerry Hunsicker, and do like the Yankees did in the 90s, who teamed up a young business-mind in Brian Cashman with a veteran, talent-mind in Gene Michael…

…i am not sure of minaya’s future… it would not surprise me if he stays or go… i am not 100 percent sold either way, and i’m not sure Mets ownership is either… i do believe they challenged omar with delivering a concrete plan for the future, and the future is getting close with every day that ticks off the schedule

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