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At Page 2 on, Paul Lukas (a self-proclaimed lifelong Mets fan) writes an interesting piece, to say the least, about why he hopes Mike Piazza will not be enshrined in the Hall of Fame as a New York Met.

…in my opinion, lukas should stick to writing about uniforms because he is definitely out in left field about this one

His reasons range from utter ridiculousness, from Piazza’s response to his heterosexuality, to just plain stupid, such as, “Mike Piazza can’t slide.”

last time I checked, players get into the Hall of Fame on their career numbers, records and accolades, not on athleticism

put aside his career numbers with both the Dodgers and Mets, his athleticism or lack of, whether or not he gave first base a shot, and think about where this organization was before he arrived

…i will never forget the countless memories he left us, and as a Mets fan, i hope in five years that he will don a Mets hat in Cooperstown…

By the way, Adam Rubin of the Daily News reports that the Mets hope to honor Piazza at Shea Stadium this season.

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