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At the Huffington Post, Dave Hollander examines how immeasurable the arrival of Cliff Floyd is to a team.

According to Hollander, wherever Floyd goes, his teams are impacted 'as if before Floyd got there not only weren't they winning but his teams appeared to have little idea how to win.'

Hollander breaks down the following examples of the Floyd Factor:

Marlins: In 1996, the team was 80-82, finishing 3rd in the NL East. Floyd joins the team in 1997. They go 92-70 and win the World Series.

Mets: In 2001, the team was 75-86, finishing 5th in the NL East. Floyd joins the club in 2003. Three seasons later the Mets are one strike away from going to the World Series.

Cubs: In 2006, the team was 66-96, finishing last in the NL Central. Floyd joins the team in 2007 and they go 85-77, winning the NL Central.

Rays: Since their inception in 1998, this franchise has only finished above last place in their division once. They have never won more than 70 games in a season, and reached that meager total but once. Floyd joins the team this season and they are leading AL East through the first third of the season. Their record has been at times the best in baseball.

Floyd typically doesn't carry teams, nor is he the best player, however there is something about his presence which Hollander sums up the best by stating:

"You can't measure a conversation that instructs or motivates or takes pressure off. You can't quantify a well timed joke that eases tension in the clubhouse. Or a look that reassures. Or a skillful deflection of the media away from a player who can't handle it. Or a million other little things that go into the relationships that are bonded over the course of season together. These are the human qualities that elude objective statistical analysis. But they're crucial to creating a winning team. In order to win, especially to win a championship, it's not simply about being the best player but about making other teammates play better."
...this is a great read...uncle cliffy was one of my favorite Mets...i never realized he had such an impact for the teams he played on...i guess that is why, if i remember correctly, many of the players, including David Wright, wanted him back in 2007. the there evidence of him being able to resuscitate a team twice...

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