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According to Ken Davidoff in Newsday, the reputation of Mets Ass’t GM Tony Bernazard has taken a ‘pummeling,’ amid rumors that he is the primary culprit in the firing of Willie Randolph.

In a fascinating, well-researched, story for Gotham Baseball Magazine, Mark Healy talks with a variety of credible sources and concludes:

“Bernazard was never really on board with the hire, but waited until he had consolidated his power to start sowing his seeds of discontent.  For nearly two seasons, Bernazard has been undermining the skipper in the clubhouse and in the front office.”

…though rather lengthy, healy’s report is a must-read

In his report for Newsday, Davidoff writes:

“Take this for what it's worth, but Wednesday, I received two phone calls from industry contacts – the first, a longtime friend of many Hispanic players, and the second, a scout from an American League team.  Both, unsolicited, brought up Bernazard, both professed to not know him and both offered the same sentiment: ‘I hear he's a really bad guy.’”…Early Tuesday morning, when the hatchet fell on Randolph and the two coaches, Bernazard could be seen in the team hotel, giddy as a schoolgirl with a new dress.”

Meanwhile, according to WFAN, a beat writer approached Bernazard before yesterday’s game asking questions about his role in the decision to fire Randolph.  Bernazard refused to comment, and then had the reporter removed from the field, courtesy of the team’s public relations department.

What’s more, in a recent report for, Buster Olney wrote that a Mets front office member would often tell players about negative evaluations from Randolph, which were intended to be private.

According to Davidoff, “Bernazard is the natural suspect. The story is quite feasible.”

Meanwhile, according to Joel Sherman, at his blog for the New York Post, “Don't be conned by the Met spin.  The owners and their pet p.r. man were totally involved in Randolph's firing and how it was handled.”

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