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In report two days ago for the Daily News, Bill Madden wrote:

“I'm told that Assistant GM Tony Bernazard, whom Willie Randolph found to be an intrusive influence in the clubhouse, especially with the Latin players, has been no less undermining with Jerry Manuel.  For whatever reason, Bernazard seems to have the Wilpons' ears, even more so than Minaya, and in organization meetings he's never reticent to suggest areas where the manager might be doing a better job.  I'm also told the Met high command ordered Manuel to tone down the not-so-subtle pleas for help in his pre and postgame mediafests and his periodic candor about his team's deficiencies.”

In a October 2007 report for the Daily News, Bill Madden said Bernazard is the ‘real power in the front office,’ adding:

“I'm also told that all of the Mets' minor league Latin players have Bernazard's cell-phone number with the understanding they should call him any time if they encounter problems either off the field or with club officials.”

Last season, reports suggested Bernazard played an active role in the firing of Willie Randolph, which you can read more about in this post on MetsBlog.

…frankly, i don’t really know what to make of this…

…i used to think this was a problem… and, i want to think it still is… however, tony b’s role on the Mets didn’t stop the team from going 43–25 at one point last summer, post-randolph… it didn’t keep them from starting this season 28–22… that said, this sort of over-reaching is probably the kind of thing that only makes matters worse when they’re not going well, like now in other words, i suspect this is not the last we’re going to hear about this subplot

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