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In an article by Associated Press writer Dave Campbell, former LHP Frank Viola questions whether or not the Twins received fair compensation for letting go of Johan Santana.

Viola, as quoted by Campbell:

"I question the trade somewhat, as a fan of the Twins and not an ex-ballplayer, I guess if you're a Minnesota fan like I am, you hope this is the best Bill [Smith] could've done under the circumstances."

"Carlos Gomez, he has to be comparable to a Kirby Puckett and a Torii Hunter? Good luck with that."

Viola left Minnesota for the Mets under similar circumstances in 1989 when he was traded for pitchers Rick Aguilera, Kevin Tapani, David West, Tim Drummond and Jack Savage.

...viola grew up on long island and went to st. john's in queens yet is a twins fan, what's that a fan of the mets frank, i'm more than happy with the trade...

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