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Earlier today, during an interview on WFAN, Bobby Valentine was asked if he would ever return to manage the Mets, to which he responded – following a long pause:

“I’ve known Willie Randolph since 1974, I have all the love and respect for Willie and don’t wish bad on him or anyone who has done me wrong.  Willie will turn it around and have a great career.  It will be someone’s offer to bring me back and my decision if that is right or not.”

Asked if he could manage any place other than New York City, Valentine said:

“I would only come back (to MLB) if I was really wanted – and what I bring are exactly what the organization, the team and the town need.  I think that will happen someday, somewhere, and it wont be because of location on the map, but because of how the pieces fit in my life.”

Regarding Benny Abayani, who plays for Valentine in Japan, he says he doesn’t play everyday, “but he cheers me up.”

Valentine listed Todd Pratt’s home run against the D’Backs in the playoffs, Robin Ventura’s grand-slam single, and Mike Piazza’s home run in the first game after 9/11, among his favorite moments while managing the Mets.

According to Valentine, it would be great to see the Mets in the World Series during the final season of Shea Stadium.

Lastly, he says he cheers for the Mets every day, “and I hope it turns out well.”

To listen to Valentine’s entire interview, go to

thanks to Adam from SNY for the info, quotes, etc

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