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- From Adam Rubin of ESPNNY after Terry Collins' opening remarks yesterday:

Collins is eager to see solid-hitting second baseman Reese Havens, who was taken in the same first round as Davis in 2008. Havens ... will work exclusively at second base in camp. Collins said once he gets to the minors to open the year he would be exposed to other positions, too.
Havens was a college shortstop at the University of South Carolina, before moving to second base early in his professional career because he lacked the range to play short everyday. Where will the Mets have him play? Third? First? That seems to be the default.  Patrick Flood had an amusing rant about the Mets' defense yesterday on Twitter with the Mets slated to have four former 1B in their everyday lineup in 2012.

- At Amazin' Avenue, Eno Sarris asks, Are the Mets truly Saber? It's a worthwhile read, and promises to be the start of a series, and it quotes me, which makes it doubly good.

- At the Platoon Advantage, Chris St. John explores the relationship between prospects with extreme walk and strikeout rates at the lower levels and their (lack) of big league success. This too is the beginning of a series. So far the gentle conclusion is: strikeouts not good, walks pretty good.

- This is just damn funny. James Bates' stool breaks, prompting him to say, "That's not a big time stool."

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