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On Nov. 18, I wrote, “From what I can gather, the Mets are likely to make a trade for a relief pitcher, who has experience as a closer,” in addition to signing either Francisco Rodriguez, Brian Fuentes or Kerry Wood.”

In the post, I later suggested the Mets could be working to acquire Huston Street, in a deal involving Aaron Heilman.

Today, on his blog for the New York Post, Joel Sherman reports the Mets made such an offer in the days after Street was acquired by the Rockies, who then asked for Pedro Feliciano in addition to Heilman, which the Mets ultimately turned down.

from what i can gather, having talked with people connected to the team, yes, the Mets and Rockies have been talking about a street-for-heilman deal, but i sense the Mets would prefer to trade a mid-level prospect with heilman…i have never heard feliciano’s name mentioned…or, at least to the extent that he will be included in any potential deal…nevertheless, the two sides continue to work on finding a solution

In the report, Sherman writes, “The more I talk to Met officials the more I sense they want to use Street as the eighth-inning guy and still obtain a closer such as Brian Fuentes or Francisco Rodriguez.  The Mets recognize they do not just have a ninth-inning problem, but that their whole late-inning contingent was troublesome.”

this is why i wrote two weeks ago that they are working to acquire a set-up man with experience as a closer, because i sense they do not want to trust the closer position to just one person, for fear of what happened to them last season…and this is wise

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