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Here is a just sample, with links, to some of what people are saying this morning about the passing of legendary player and broadcaster Ralph Kiner...

Mike Lupica, Daily News: "All those summers from Ralph Kiner. All those summers with him as such splendid company. Finally, after all this time, after more than a half-century of Mets baseball, comes one without him. And without his voice." >> More

Ted Berg, USA Today: "But it is heartbreaking nonetheless to know that he’s gone, and that with him go the knowledge and understanding and joy for baseball that entertained so many people for so many years and from which I learned so much." >> More

Greg Prince, Faith and Fear in Flushing: "Ralph Kiner was still a part of the Mets every year. ... Nobody was more original. Nobody was more forever. ... Kiner, as much as anybody, made me the Mets fan that I am today and figure I will always be." >> More

Steve Keane, Eddie Kranepool Society: "The thought of not hearing Gary Cohen say, “Next inning, we will be joined by Ralph Kiner," hurts my heart." >> More

Marty Noble, "The game's shoulders are slumping and its eyes are moist. Baseball has had few in its family who were so widely revered, beloved and enjoyed." >> More

Bill Price, Daily News: "So as bad as things get for the Mets sometimes, and as sad as we are today on the passing of Ralph Kiner, take a moment to realize just how lucky we were to have Ralph with us all these years and just how lucky we are to be Mets fans.  Fans of other teams will laugh and mock us over ridiculous statements like that, but who cares. We are who we are and we are fine with it, just like Ralph." >> More

I mean, the guy hit 369 HR, he is in the Hall of Fame, he was friends with Bob Hope and he dated Elizabeth Taylor, Janet Leigh and Ava Gardner. Think about that for a second. Frankly, the more I learn about him, the more I think his legacy may actually be underrated. He transcended the game in a way current players only dream about...

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