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According to Troy E. Renck of the Denver Post, "Opposing executives expect the Rockies to be aggressive in their pursuit of the Mets 3B David Wright," who the team has said is not available.

However, Renk says, "That could change if they commit to re-sign Jose Reyes for big money."


[avatar name="cerrone"]Matthew Cerrone says, "Actually, the way I understand it, the opposite is true. I think if Reyes is re-signed, the Mets will definitely have Wright on the roster to start 2012.  However, if Reyes signs elsewhere, I believe the team will consider what that means to the franchise's future, and they'll be more likely to explore whether now is the time move forward without them both.

The thing is, the market for Wright is weak. He has value, but his worth on the trade market is tricky, a) because it's easier to acquire hitting in the off season, b) no team is looking to trade multiple top prospects these days, and c) if he's traded, he can void his option for 2013, meaning the acquiring team is essentially getting a one-year rental. Also, he's coming off what is probably the worst season of his career, so the Mets would be selling low. And so, when you combine all of the above, plus build in expectations of the deal (from a Mets fan perspective) it makes it a very, very complicated an inexact negotiation."

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