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In a Q&A with Andrew Kahn, Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports believes the Mets will not contend until 2015, "at the earliest."

"The Braves and Nationals are two of the three youngest teams in baseball. Their futures are quite bright," Rosenthal explains to Kahn.

The fan in me doesn't want to agree with Rosenthal, because it's been a long time since the Mets made any positive noise on the field. But one thing is for sure: while the Mets have some tremendous pitching talent on the way, they don't have any solid position players coming. Sure, Wilmer Flores can hit, but the organization is still trying to figure out where he belongs on the field. The bulk of their position player prospects are in the low levels of the minor leagues, and still years away as a result. That means - as Sandy Alderson has suggested in recent months - the Mets are going to have to trade some of that pitching talent and sign some players to get position players very soon. I do wonder if the organization's draft strategy is going to change, as instead of drafting high-ceiling high school players who are promising but raw, they'll draft college players who are closer to making an impact at the big league level.

As much as I love the direction of the team and can't wait to see some of these arms at the big league level, that won't be enough to keep up with Washington and Atlanta, as Rosenthal points out. And so, the Mets will have to do more than just wait for these guys to come up through the system. Making moves with some of their own assets are part of this course the team is on - they're going to be the only way for Alderson to improve some of the other areas of the roster over time...

For more from Rosenthal, including his thoughts on replay, trading draft picks, and sabermetrics, check out his talk with Kahn here.

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