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The Mets announced their 25-man roster Saturday, but Terry Collins refused the opportunity to announce his Opening Day lineup.

The question is: Who's on first? Ike Davis or Lucas Duda? I'm betting Davis, at least for the first game of the season. It sounds like team is essentially punting on making a choice, hoping the two continue to battle, while platooning inside a platoon. In the event one gets hot, he'll play more. And, if that doesn't happen, and they both struggle, I have no idea what happens next...

Also, who's in center field? Eric Young Jr. or Juan Lagares? I'm betting Lagares, despite Terry insisting EY propels run production. "King Lagares," as his teammates often call him, was too good in the field last year and this spring to not have playing as much as possible. I mean, let's ask the pitching staff who they want playing everyday, I imagine if we do that this debate will end rather quickly.

I like EY, he's a good player, and I'm all for adding speed to the lineup, but not at the expense of what has the potential to be a game-changing defense in the outfield. In the event the team isn't scoring runs, and not saving runs either, then I say revisit. But, until then, I hope it's Lagares...

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