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While Wilmer Flores began his audition at shortstop for the Mets on Tuesday, Chris Blessing at Mike Newman's new RotoScouting website discussed Seattle's Nick Franklin, a potential Mets trade target. Blessing does not think this is going to work.

Blessing's work:

In 2012, Nick Franklin played shortstop and second base while scouting him in Chattanooga. He presented with adequate range, soft hands and a below average arm. With little zip behind Franklin’s throws — an issue when turning double plays — he projected as a bat first second baseman. Nick Franklin has gained more than 25-pounds since, dispelling concerns he wouldn’t hold up to the rigors of big league life. Did the added size and strength help his throwing arm? No.


Nick Franklin continues to present as a below average defender at shortstop. Adequate range plays down due to below average arm strength and accuracy. It’s a mix which screams second baseman.

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