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I've heard from a few insiders today, all of whom feel next week's Winter Meetings will be more active than the last few years. I also get the feeling there is a very good chance the Mets make some moves, be it to announce a deal with David Wright, make a trade or two, or sign some low-cost free agents.

For instance, there are more than a few teams interested in acquiring R.A. Dickey or Jon Niese, specifically the Royals, Angels and A's, I'm told. Today, Jon Heyman of reported that the Royals are most interested in Dickey, and they've also checked in on Red Sox starter Jon Lester and Rays starter James Shields.

According to Heyman's sources, Kansas City is saying Alex Gordon is 'untouchable,' and they have no interest in trading C Salvador Perez or OF prospect Wil Myers.  However, the way I understand it, that could change if the Mets decide to move Niese.

Last month, I said the Mets might look to move Dickey only if he can bring them a young, affordable, major-league ready bat. However, if Dickey will only return two or three prospects who are years away, which is what recent reporting indicates, the Mets might instead look to trade Niese, who is young, left-handed, really good, and under control through 2018 with what is a reasonable contract.

"Yes, Niese can get Sandy the bat he's looking for," someone with another team recently told me.

I don't know which way the Mets are leaning. I've heard some people say Niese is more likely to be traded, with Dickey signing a two-year extension with an option. I've heard others say Dickey is more likely to be moved, because the Mets are not confident he can replicate what he's done for them in the past. Reading between the lines, I think it all has to do with who fetches the better return, at which point the Mets will decide what's what. But, I'm starting to believe one or the other will be moved, so long as the deal delivers a young, affordable, major-league ready bat.

This morning,'s Ken Rosenthal told me on Twitter that, so far, the Angels have shown no interest in moving OF Peter Bourjos. I asked, only because it seems like Dickey and Bourjos could be the start of a sensible swap. However, other teams are interested in Anaheim's center fielder, specifically the Marlins, Rays and Phillies, so that price might be going up.

In either case, the increase chatter about trading Dickey and moving Niese indicates to me that the Mets are now again confident Wright will accept their offer, because I think he has been the lynchpin to a lot of their ideas.

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