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Jay Horwitz, the Mets Vice President of Media Relations, tweeted that Ruben Tejada has reported to Spring Training in Port St. Lucie.

Earlier this week, Tejada told reporters he intended to arrive to camp today.

Last year at Spring Training, Terry Collins scrutinized Tejada for not arriving to camp early to work with Daniel Murphy on middle infield drills.

Well, at least Tejada will get the discussion about his arrival to camp early out of the way now...

Look, I agreed with Terry that Tejada should have showed up to camp a little early last year, for the sole purpose of spending as much time working with Daniel Murphy on learning second base, turning double plays, etc. as he could. But this was something that got blown out of proportion last year, mostly because the media kept asking Collins about Tejada and his feelings about the situation before and after Tejada arrived to camp. His inability to show up didn't seem to have any kind of impact on the team's play up the middle in 2012, either. In the end, Tejada showed up when he had to show up, and there was no issue from that point forward. And, he put together a pretty good season last year, given the shoes he had to fill.

Showing up early, showing up on time, or showing up late - for whatever reason - probably doesn't directly translate into success for the coming season. Rather, talent and staying healthy usually forms the foundation for that success.

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