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Ruben Tejada will continue to get the bulk of the playing time at shortstop, while Wilmer Flores may get start at second base the next time the Mets face a left-handed starting pitcher (Rubin, May 17).

"He’s showing us that he’s the same player he was a couple years ago," Collins said earlier this week (Bergen Record, May 15). "This guy is really swinging the bat good."

Ummm, Terry, Tejada is batting .178 during his last 54 plate appearances. He's 3-for-17 the last five days. What Tejada are you watching?

You know, I'm really starting to be concerned about Terry's judgement. He recently said, the reason he hadn't been playing Juan Lagares, is because he's more concerned with the team's offense than defense right now. Lagares had 12 hits in the 46 at bats (.286) prior to essentially being benched before the start of the Subway Series. He has managed to get one start in that time, and naturally - now - he's struggling at the plate.

All the while, Flores, who is just 22 years old, and who should be playing every day, some place, is riding the pine, despite being a guy who is known for his bat not his glove. Yet, he's on the bench, while Tejada and his .139 average in May are starting every day, at a time Terry is concerned about offense not defense.

I'm at a loss. I officially have no idea what Collins is doing, because he's doing the exact opposite of what he says he thinks he's doing, all while saying things that are contradicted by every stat you can find.

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