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According to Adam Rubin of ESPN New York, the Mets will announce substantial dimension changes to Citi Field after the World Series, "in an effort to make the 3-year-old ballpark more hitter-friendly."

Newsday's David Lennon made a similar statement on Twitter earlier this week.

Rubin says the 16 foot wall in left field will have to remain in place because it's a structural part of the ballpark. However, like Mike Francesa first reported on WFAN earlier this month, an eight foot wall will be stood up in front of the original wall. Also, a "modest reduction" in depth will be made at the left field foul pole with additional seating expected to be added in between the two walls. In addition, the fence that defines the "Mo' Zone" will be moved in and the deepest part of the park, which currently sits 415 feet away from home plate in center, will be moved to a depth of 390 feet.


[avatar name="baron"]Michael Baron: As Matt said yesterday, the Mets would probably hit for more power if they had better power hitters on the roster, but I do like these changes. It makes the park more fair and could potentially seem less intimidating to the hold-overs into next season. These dimension changes seem to play into the strengths of David Wright, as I can distinctly recall countless balls off his bat either bouncing off the high wall in left field or being caught at or close to the 415 foot sign in right field; balls which most definitely would be home runs in most other parks. He's also been fairly clear about how he feels (as has Jason Bay) about the current dimensions, so I hope this helps him both physically and mentally.

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