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Sandy Alderson said his "hands are not tied," in terms of making roster changes, trades or signings, he told WFAN's Mike Francesa today.

"That simply isn't accurate," he added, in regards to allegations that ownership will not let him spend more money on the roster than he has to date.

In terms of making this summer's July 31 Trade Deadline, Alderson said he will be in the market for acquiring long-term help.

According to Alderson, as is usually the case, teams are reluctant to make trades early in the season, so a team is often forced to do in to their own farm system for help at the big-league level, which is what he's been forced to do this season. That said, he believes the Mets are close to looking at external markets for help.

He has to look elsewhere for offense, because it isn't coming from within. Thankfully, he is already looking, because I've heard from more than one person in the last week or two who have say he's already put out feelers for a meaningful, under-contract bat. The thing is, it's about action, not talk. I love these statements and appreciate what he's saying, but it's all just words at this point. I need to see the acquisition.

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