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Today in Miami, Sandy Alderson spoke with reporters and said his goals this winter are to continue to build from within, retain "core" players, and add from outside the organization (both in trade and free agency) on a "fairly judicious basis."

Alderson said he's had informal discussions with Wright already about a new contract, and it's possible David Wright's next contract with the Mets will take him through the end of his career, should they agree to terms.

Alderson also noted the resolution of the Bernie Madoff lawsuit against ownership has enabled the Mets to be financially able to retain both Wright and Dickey.

In addition, Alderson said:

  • They may be more active in the trade market rather than free agency this winter, and while nothing is set in stone right now, he added "I don't want to give the impression we'll be in the free-agent market for significant additions. We have lots of payroll tied up in a handful of players. That's a situation that gradually has to resolve itself."
  • In regards to retaining both David Wright and R.A. Dickey, Alderson said he believes he can get these deals done quickly and noted about both players that "retaining our own players is one of the key tenets of the approach we're trying to take."
  • His message to both Wright and Dickey will be that "they're heading in the right direction."
  • While there are no guarantees he will be able to extend either Wright's or Dickey's contracts, the team's ability to now commit to long-term contracts signals a "fundamental shift."
  • Buyout figures of both Jason Bay and Johan Santana are a part of the 2013 payroll - including the buyouts, both are owed a combined $50 million next season.
  • He is not interested in backloading deals for new contracts, saying "I don't like to pay for today with deferrals until tomorrow."
  • He is disappointed by the outcome of this season, but there have been some positives to takeaway from the year.
  • They have not yet discussed a contract extension with Terry Collins beyond the 2013 season.
  • He doesn't expect to have unlimited funds in the short-term.
  • "I'm not prepared to blow up the team and start all over," Alderson explained.
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