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In a Q&A with Matt Balasis of MetsMerized Online, Sandy Alderson discussed the possibility of acquiring Giancarlo Stanton, and said there are no truth to the rumors.

"No, no we haven’t had any conversations with [the Marlins] since early spring," Alderson said.

In regards to the possibility of trading John Buck upon promoting Travis d'Arnaud to the big leagues, Alderson said he has no intention of dealing him, and they will find a way to play both Buck and d'Arnaud if Buck is still performing.

In addition, Alderson told Balasis the team has the financial flexibility to add to the payroll if necessary, and he will look to do so if the team is contending at the trade deadline.

As I wrote the other day, it's not to say the Mets won't eventually acquire Stanton, but I think the talk of acquiring big name players - such as Stanton - is an indication the Mets are very close to taking the next step and supplementing their young pitching by filling their holes from outside the organization. Alderson has said on several occasions recently the Mets have accumulated enough young talent at this point to package in trades to improve other areas — they have options to deal in order to acquire top-tiered, everyday players that they can’t address from the inside. At some point, the Mets are going to have to deal from their strength to address their weaknesses, and it sounds like that time is now on the horizon.

For more from Alderson, check out MetsMerized Online.

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