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Sandy Alderson thinks the coaching staff has done a solid job this season, according to Mike Puma of the New York Post.

“I think the coaching staff has done a solid job,” Alderson said, according to Puma. “Obviously we haven’t gotten the production out of the bullpen we would have liked, but I am not sure that is related to any coach. But Dan has done a nice job over the last couple of years and I do believe he has developed a rapport with many of the pitchers."

Puma says both Alderson and Terry Collins will be discussing the future of this coaching staff over the next seven to ten days.

As is the case with Terry Collins, a better idea would be to get better talent, rather than turning over the staff. In regards to Warthen in particular, I've talked to many of of the team's pitchers over the last couple of years who have done nothing but sing his praises, and I think there is value in that player/coach relationship. It can be argued that guys like Mike Pelfrey haven't grown under Warthen's watch, but that's probably attributed more to those pitchers simply failing to execute consistently than anything else. Besides, despite the fact the Mets have lost 60 percent of their Opening Day rotation, the starting pitching has been great for most of this season, and they have found a formula for success in the bullpen as of late as well.

Look, I'm not trying to excuse anyone's performance - I think everyone in uniform is ultimately accountable for the very poor play. And, coaching changes are sometimes necessary if only to change the voice of the message they're trying to convey. But, like I said yesterday in regards to Collins, I'd like to see how Warthen does when the cards aren't necessarily stacked against him as far as talent and injuries are concerned.

Ultimately, it's the players who will make the difference.

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