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Last night in New York City, R.A. Dickey received his National League Cy Young Award at the Baseball Writers Association of America dinner.

Sandy Alderson was among those who gave speeches at the dinner and, according to the team's beat reporters, jokingly referred to himself as the "heel" who traded Dickey.

Alderson also wished Dickey well, and said he hopes Dickey wins the Cy Young Award in the American League and hoped he could return to the Mets one day.

When Jose Reyes left for Miami last winter, I really felt stung. As was the case with David Wright, I genuinely thought Reyes could be a part of the long-term solution with the Mets. It's not that I didn't expect Reyes to leave - towards the end of the process, I had totally lost confidence in Reyes returning to the Mets. But I felt it didn't have to end up the way it did. And so, I trained myself to move on and I disconnected myself emotionally from him.

I feel differently about the situation with Dickey. I think it's partly because I always felt a trade was inevitable, and also the right thing to do from a baseball perspective. I said in October that, given the state of the Mets, their roster and their farm system, it made a lot of baseball sense to try and sell high on Dickey, and what the Mets got in return for Dickey is evidence of that.

That's not to say I'm not sad to see him go, nor does it mean I'm not going to miss watching Dickey pitch and continue watching him evolve into a superstar. I most definitely will. But he created such a deep and unique human connection with us, and we all got to witness a rebirth of sorts. As a fan, I feel like that was such a unique experience. It's not often a player - especially a knuckleball pitcher - resurrects and transforms himself into an epic player at the age Dickey was able to, and I am grateful to have been able to watch him and follow him over the last three years. I have become an "R.A. Dickey fan," and that will help prevent me from disconnecting with him. He might be the first former Met I actually make a point to watch on a regular basis...

Good luck in Toronto, R.A., and thank you for the last three years...

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