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Sandy Alderson told fans at a Q&A session on Saturday that the organization has reached a stage which will soon allow them to make larger investments in the major league team.

“This is excruciating, I know,” Alderson said, “It is excruciating for the fans and excruciating for me. I know people don’t want to hear this, but we are approaching the end of the cleanup. I’m not using that as an excuse. I’m not writing off the season. But there are reason why we are where we are."

Alderson said there would be “larger amounts of money” to invest in veterans in the short-term, noting in order to be a good team, risk-taking is necessary.

Alderson described the stage as a shift in organizational planning, and they will begin to seriously pursue talent from outside the organization within the next six months, and would consider making a deal to augment the big league roster this summer.

"People want to know when we’re going to have more good players," Alderson continued. "I believe we’re about to have more good players. Zack Wheeler pitches Tuesday. And if the right trade presents itself down the line, believe me, we’ll make it."

The Mets' payroll currently stands at around $94 million, $43 million of which is being paid to Johan Santana and Jason Bay. They're also responsible for a $5.5 million buyout for next year's option on Santana, should they choose to decline it.

According to Cot's Contracts, the Mets have around $33 million committed to the 2014 payroll. However, should they be retained, Justin Turner, Ruben Tejada, Daniel Murphy, Ike Davis, Dillon Gee, Bobby Parnell, Scott Atchison, Mike Baxter and Omar Quintanilla are all eligible for arbitration.

It's not the first time Sandy has said the Mets are approaching the next phase of the Mets. In fact, this talk goes all the way back to Spring Training and even the winter meetings when ownership said they would begin investing resources in the major league club very soon. It's nice to hear their position hasn't changed, but now it's time to put some action behind these words. He can talk about it all he wants, but I want to see him execute.

More than anything, there has to be some sign of progress with this team. I think Matt Harvey's progression helps, and seeing Zack Wheeler pitch on Tuesday will serve as another signal the tide could be shifting. Perhaps later, the arrival of Travis d'Arnaud will help to change the discussion and tone around the team as well. But, everyone -- including the front office -- knows these three players, plus David Wright and Daniel Murphy, aren't going to cut it going forward.

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