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Sandy Alderson says he likes what he'll have in camp, but he's always in the market to add players to the roster (Daily Pennsylvanian, Jan. 30).

"The last three years, the strategy I have tried to articulate is threefold: acquire talent and develop talent, create more payroll flexibility and, third, try to win as many games as you can without compromising one and two," the GM said (Daily Pennsylvanian, Jan. 30). "Now we’ve turned a corner a little bit, and I’d say that now we want to win as many games as we can while being mindful of one and two, but not letting those control our decision-making with respect to winning and losing."

According to Alderson, he has spent the fifth-most money of any team in MLB this winter, his payroll sits around $85 million, and there is still a chance they make additional acquisitions.

I don't want the Mets to get bogged down in big, long-term contracts just for the sake of spending, because sooner than later they're going to have to pay up for Matt Harvey, Daniel Murphy, Zack Wheeler and others. These guys are earning very little money, relative to performance, thanks to league minimums and arbitration. But, eventually, these guys are going to need to get significant raises, whether as free agents or buying out arbitration and free-agent years. Yes, players can be non-tendered, but the Mets aren't cutting Harvey, Wheeler, Murphy, and so on. These guys will need to be paid and, as much as I want the most entertaining product on field today, I don't want bloated contracts for the sake of spending getting in the way. It's a tough balance to strike...

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