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Sandy Alderson appeared on ESPN Radio with Mike Lupica and told Mets fans that the team's plan remains intact, with or without Matt Harvey.

"It's not a dream unrealized," the GM said. "It may be a dream deferred. ... The plan remains intact. Stockpile talent, lower the payroll to give us an opportunity to reinvest and win ballgames."

Even without Harvey, Alderson said the team's plan is "intact."

"This is a setback - no questions about that," he said. "But this is what happens in baseball. ... This is not a situation where everything is tied to one cornerstone individual, where if that guy isn't there, everything goes out the window."

The team is prepared for these kind of risks, according to the general manager.

"That's professional sports," Alderson said. "Any plan for the future has to take into account these kind of risks. We have to be able to move forward. He's part of a larger plan, but not the only piece. We will work through this... This does not alter our fundamental approach. It's a twist we have to deal with, but in this game, you have to be prepared for these eventualities, however unfortunate they are. They occur and you have to deal with it."

Alderson said that Harvey will still wait a few weeks before deciding whether or not to have Tommy John surgery to repair his torn UCL.

"We're going to wait three weeks and test it, to see if he's hurting," Alderson said. "[Harvey] spoke to Roy Halladay yesterday and Halladay said 'I had the same problem 10 years ago and I still haven't had the surgery.' There is reason to hope in that regard."

On Tuesday, Harvey tweeted that he would return on April 1.

"What Matt tweeted wasn't because he was in deep denial, there is some possibility that this can be avoided," Alderson said. "Is there a risk it can tear further? Yes. Does that make any difference? If he doesn't have the surgery, there will always be the risk. There is still some possibility that surgery will not occur and Matt will decide to do something else."

As for moving forward with Zack Wheeler and other top pitching prospects, Alderson said they will tread carefully.

"We will be acutely aware with what's going on," he said. "These inning limits don't always appear to work -- they didn't work in Matt's case, We're going to adhere to them. There's some reason for being vigilant. it might not be absolutely scientific, but we'll be on alert."

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