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Sandy Alderson told that while he would've liked to have won more games the last three years, his priority was to improve his farm system, get younger at the Major League level and a more flexible payroll-wise (, May 31).

"Have we been successful in that regard? If you phrase it that way, we've definitely made progress," Alderson said, in regards to rating his time as GM of the Mets. "We've acquired more talent. We have more payroll flexibility. Now's the time to turn the corner and what allows us to turn the corner is eventually our young talent. We're just about at that juncture."

My most recent request to interview Alderson was turned down by the Mets. I planned to only really talk with him about his comments connecting revenue and spending. They said I may be able to connect with him later this summer, at which point I expect to have a lot more things to ask anyway...

For instance, now that I've read his interview with, I wonder how Alderson defines success in baseball? I know the plan, but what is the goal? Also, what does he feel is his biggest responsibility to Mets fans? How does that correlate with spending on payroll? Is this what you expected from 2014, which was the year the front office pointed to as a time that things would turn around? There's been a lot of talk about his 'plan,' but does he have a Plan B? Is it wise to bank so heavily on young pitching, given the rise in Tommy John surgery? Is there a certain emotional and psychological profile you look for when acquiring a player, especially in New York? Or, is it all talent, value and statistically based?

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