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According to Adam Rubin of ESPN New York, Scott Hairston said the Mets did not make him an offer to return during the off-season.

“I get the feeling that they wanted to go in a different direction,” Hairston said, according to Rubin. “There was an opportunity -- a slight opportunity -- for me to come back to New York. I just didn’t get the sense that they wanted to move forward in that direction.”

Hairston also told Rubin he was looking for an opportunity to play every day with the Mets, but said the team didn't have that availability for him.

Hairston signed a two-year, $5 million contract with the Cubs in February - he is hitting .125 with a .154 OBP, three home runs and seven RBI in 52 plate appearances this season.

Hairston hit .263 with a .299 OBP, 20 home runs, 25 doubles and 57 RBI in 377 at bats for the Mets last season, during which he hit .286 in 189 at bats against left-handed pitchers.

Even though the Mets may not have made an official offer in writing, I'm willing to bet Hairston had a pretty good idea what the Mets were thinking in his case this winter. I can't get too wrapped up in that language, considering a) who knows what actually took place, b) it doesn't change anything, and c) it can only spark further negativity in an already ugly situation in the outfield.

Sandy Alderson said over the winter Hairston wanted more playing time than the Mets were willing to guarantee, and that was partly due to Alderson hoping to make a bigger deal for his outfield which is why he held out in signing Hairston. In the end, the Hairston and his agent didnt want to pass on the Cubs offer and wait for the Mets. True, the Mets still failed in their pursuit of better outfielders, but I'm willing to bet Hairston would have ended up in a platoon no matter what even though the outfield currently sucks.

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