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as usual, the Phillies sent fans a back-door link via e-mail to purchase single-game tickets in advance of tomorrow’s official sales date

To access the link, and purchase single-game tickets to Citizen’s Bank Park before the general public, click here.

thanks to CoreyNYC for the link, and god bless the blogosphere…

As noted in an earlier post to MetsBlog, according to their Facebook Group, more than 500 Phillies fans are planning a ‘Take Over’ of Shea Stadium during the Nationally-televised Phillies-Mets game on September 6, because they are ‘sick and tired of stupid Mets fans taking over Citizen’s Bank Park.’

For what it’s worth, the Mets travel to Philadelphia on Saturday, April 19 and Sunday, April 20, both of which are Nationally televised games.

Update10:40 am

…MetsBlog’s Brandon Eddy has already gathered 24 Mets fans to attend to the Saturday, April 19 game, which will air on FOX…they will be sitting in Section 421…

additionally, another reader of this site has organized 40 Mets fans to take a bus to the same game…

…so, if you’re thinking of buying tickets, go Saturday…maybe we can get a MetsBlog tailgate going

…this is going to be a crazy season, isn’t it…oh, man

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