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Jon Heyman of believes the Braves offered Derek Lowe a four-year contract, worth close to $60 million.

According to Heyman, “Lowe is in serious discussions with the Braves.”

Last night on the MLB Network’s Hot Stove show, Heyman said the Mets are discouraged by negotiations with Lowe, who is also being pursued by the Braves, ‘any maybe the Phillies, and maybe the Brewers.’

Heyman also reports, “The Mets are proposing a three-year deal for close to $30 million for Perez, although, a four-year deal for Lowe, may convince them they need to give him another year.”

…this is what i have been saying for a few days now, in that, if the Mets lose lowe to the Braves, knowing the market at that point, it would not surprise me if the Mets end up having to give perez a four-year deal as well

i believe, if the Mets need to dish out a four-year deal, the four-year deal should go to lowe, because, while he’s older, he’s also significantly more consistent, and that is what should be most important to the Mets right now – not youth and left-handedness…but, i have a feeling i may be alone in this view

Heyman believes Omar Minaya would rather sign Perez, while the Mets front office prefers Lowe.

“We do have offers out there,” Minaya told reporters in a conference call.  “You never know.  You're negotiating.  As far as something happening soon, I don't know that… I'm not going to tell you I'm too confident. I would say that's it's 50-50, and we'll see what happens.”

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