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In the Daily News, three reporters team up to write:

“Meanwhile, Omar Minaya was discussing a trade for a pitcher with a GM but said he would first have to see how Sabathia's free agency was progressing, a baseball executive said. A Mets official subsequently wouldn't deny interest in Sabathia.”
…look, i don’t mean to throw cold water on this, because i see people getting all giddy, but i do not read the executive’s statement to mean the Mets are interested in sabathia, which is how it is being interpreted in other corners of the Internet…

…instead, i read it to mean Omar Minaya intends to wait and see where sabathia ends up, before making a trade, or a push for Derek Lowe or A.J. Burnett, etc.

Nevertheless, the Daily News article leads by saying, “The latest Subway Series tussle could be over none other than CC Sabathia…A high-placed Yankee source Thursday reacted to the development by saying: ‘The Mets are in it? Great. Bring it on.’”

this just doesn't make sense…i mean, all indications are that the Mets have roughly $25 million to spend in off-season dollars…the buzz around new york, all of baseball, and probably saturn at this point, is that the Yankees intend to offer around $25 million per season to sabathia over six years…so, a) the Mets would have to blow all of their off-season cash on one guy, b) beat out the Yankees, who are desperate for pitching and a big-name signing, and c) then figure out how to fill every other hole on the team by making trades, and not increasing payroll…and then i woke up

…anyway, if the Mets want to worry, they should worry about this:

According to Jon Heyman at his blog for, “The Yankees are focused on Sabathia, Derek Lowe and A.J. Burnett.”

…in other words, once the Angels or Yankees sign sabathia, the Mets will have to compete with Brian Cashman for lowe or burnett, and that’s when the true conflict begins

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