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Jayson Stark at relays a statistic from famed sabermetrician Bill James regarding the Mets' bullpen woes.

Stark writes:

"If all games ended after six innings, those NL East standings would look a whole lot different. If games were six innings, the Mets would be leading this division by 11½ games."
"Thanks to the best closer in baseball this year, Brad Lidge, the Phillies are 75-0 when they lead after eight innings."
Stark goes on to note that if all games were just eight innings long, the Mets lead in the East would be 6.5 games. depressing as this whole situation has been, it's interesting to see just how different things may have been if the bullpen had performed better...

...if this doesn't show omar and co. what the team's greatest area of attention is right now, nothing will...

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