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David Wright is the face of the franchise through good times and bad, Steve Popper writes in the Bergan Record.

R.A. Dickey told the New York Post he would choose Gio Gonzalez to win the NL Cy Young Award, if he couldn't choose himself.

In the Wall Street Journal, Brian Costa writes the Mets must decide the fate of their ambassador.

Also in the Journal, Michael Salfino calls R.A. the greatest bad-team pitcher of all-time.

Lastly, Matt Harvey can sympathize with Steven Strasburg, according to Andy McCullough of the Star Ledger.

“To get shut down and not be able to do that, and be a part of it, it’s tough,” Harvey told McCullough. “It’s something that I’d like to not think about going through."

Sept. 11, 9:52 am: This idea of being a "Face of the Franchise," as people like to call it, is SO much more than what happens on field. In fact, it's mostly about what happens off field, in the clubhouse, in the community, in print, in marketing, etc. It's a big deal. I see Wright hustle... off field. He does more or less everything the team asks of him, from attending charity events, doing radio and phone interviews, talking to reporters, meeting fans before games, and so on. He has some sort of non-baseball obligation every game, as far as I can see. And, of course, he shouldn't complain, and he doesn't. He knows some of these efforts are in his contract, but some are not. Nevertheless, he does most all of them (with a smile) when asked. And, given the team's record and struggle at the ticket booth and on air, his face is worth a lot. He keeps them present and relevant in lots of ways. If it wasn't Wright, it would be all RA Dickey basically. And, if not Wright and Dickey, then who? The point is, as Costa explains, much like with Dickey, this off-field component has value... especially in New York, where the demands are significantly more than in any other market. These guys will need to be compensated for this, since many of these obligations will be spelled out in their next contracts (assuming they sign new ones with the Mets). And, I'd love to know what type premium this sort of publicity plays in the deal.

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