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Using video of current Mets draftees Blake Forsythe and Cory Vaughn, I have broken down their swings.

Forsythe- in the video below Forsythe hits a homerun vs. Guatemala for Team USA.

The first thing that stands out about Forsythe: he is a big strong individual. Here is a compilation of some other analysts opinion on Forsythe.

I can see why Forsythe has struggled making contact.  The slow motion of his swing creates a great opportunity for a breakdown.

He loads his hands very nicely, getting them into launch position, although his load causes a bit of bat wrap at the top.  However, he does not load his lower half, thus, is not using his strong base to his advantage.  As he transfers his weight and his hands start forward, notice his eye level lowers.  His front leg drives down causing this head movement  As a hitter, ideally you want to keep your eye level stable throughout the swing.  The changing of his eye level is a major cause for the swings and misses.  Forsythe uses his strength to generate good bat speed and above average power through the zone.  At contact, he is not not using much of his lower half.  He does a good job in this swing of keeping his hands inside the ball. Forsythe is a strong man, and will hit for some power, but the question remains whether he will make enough contact to make an impact.

TH: This analysis suggests that keeping his head solid will be crucial.  Another recent Mets draftee who struggled early in his pro career with changing his eye level in his swing: Ike Davis.  I'm not comparing Ike to Forsythe, just pointing out it's a common issue.

Vaughn- in this video Vaughn singles twice.

Vaughn is an imposing figure at the plate. Most guy his size have longer swings, and have a hole in their swing up and in. Big tall hitters like Vaughn like to get their arms extended. He is a good athlete for a big man, as you can see as he runs the bases.

He loads his hands very deep, and gets them into a power position. His deep hand load causes his front arm to almost straighten out. This makes his swing very long. When you have a long swing, making contact is a major issue. Vaughn is incredibly strong, and when he connects he is gonna do some damage. He maintains very good balance at the plate. He does get his hands away from his body as they come forward. This will cause him to come around the baseball more frequently instead of keeping his hands inside the baseball. Vaughn doesn't use much lower half, but has enough weight transfer to generate some power from his lower half. Overall Vaughn is going to have contact issues, but he will hit for above average power. Pitch recognition and plate discipline will be key in his development.

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